Friday Nerdy Music Links: Mile High Piano Edition!

Happy Friday, music nerds! Today’s nerdy music links are coming to you from a mile high! Where in the World is Miss Music Nerd? On Monday night I got to hang out with ETHEL, one of my favorite classical bands, … Continue reading

Friday Nerdy Music Links: What’s With the Frogs?

Happy Friday, music nerds! In today’s nerdy music links, we go from the sublime to the ridiculous (but what else is new?), celebrating Chopin, the Monkees, and the best way to learn about Opera! Let’s leap right in! Where in … Continue reading

Friday Nerdy Music Links: Mardi Gras, Lent, & Elephants, Yeah!

Happy Friday, music nerds! It’s been a quiet week at Music Nerd Central, as McDoc and I both needed a little R’n’R after our respective travels. There was no gallivanting in the streets for us this Mardi Gras, though we … Continue reading