Friday Nerdy Music Links: Harps & Pipers & Weird Al!

Happy Friday, music nerds!

Where in the World is Miss Music Nerd?I’m back in Boston, home from my piano-practicing adventures in Denver! As of Monday morning, I’ve been preoccupied with Music Nerd March Madness — more about that below — but I’ve been meaning to tell you about a fellow musical traveler I happened upon in Boulder, Colo. on Saturday. He deserves his very own post, which is forthcoming, but here’s a sneak preview of That Harp Guy!

That Harp Guy: Santa Lucia

Now, about this March Madness business!The Weather Channel's Weather Song Tournament

I’m on the record admitting that I don’t follow sports (not that there’s anything wrong with it!), but when I came across the Weather Channel’s Weather Songs Tournament on Monday, I said, “That’s my kinda bracket!”

So I’ve been playing along and commentatin’ on my picks, which The Weather Channel’s Jonathan Erdman called “solid” (I’m still curious about what’s up with his bracket!). Second round voting ends tomorrow, so you can still get in on this! Then the Sweet Sixteen round starts on Tuesday.

In other news of street performers, I don’t know how got this far in life without learning about the Unipiper before now. But this video just makes me ridiculously happy:

Darth Piper

(I’d like to know how he can possibly see where he’s going, though. But at least he’s wearing a helmet, unlike some of the lunatic bicyclists I see around here!)

If you have any 4th-year medical students in your life, you probably know that today is Match Day, the day they all find out where they’re headed after graduation. I accompanied McDoc to his Match Day ceremony — I can’t believe it was five years ago! Here’s my reminiscence of that day, plus a collection of medicine-related music to mark this day, including this classic:

Weird Al Yankovic – Like A Surgeon

Speaking of medicine, you have to click through for this week’s Viola Joke of the Week, brought to you by Jenn at Ain’t Baroque — sometimes it’s the way she titles the posts that really makes the jokes, er, sing!

Viola Jokes from Ain't Baroque

Image by Ain't Baroque

Q. Two violists are sitting in a car. Who’s driving?

A. The policeman.

Getting serious for a moment — and as long as we’re connecting music with other fields — here’s a nice graphic that’s been going around. The Mozart Effect may not have been clinically verified, but I don’t think there’s any doubt that music education is beneficial!

Today’s nerdy music links are brought to you by Miss Music Nerd’s magnets and keychains, available NOW in the Miss Music Nerd store! You know you want one!

What’s new in your music nerdosphere this week?


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  1. For the last concert I played with the Alton Symphony, the door to the stage area was marked ORCHESTRA AND HANDICAPPED ENTRANCE ONLY. I fixed it so that it read VIOLA AND HANDICAPPED ENTRANCE ONLY. Got a good laugh from many of my fellow players!