Weather Song Tournament: First Round Matchups, Elements Region!

The Weather Channel's Weather Song TournamentMore fun from the Weather Channel’s Weather Song Tournament! Okay, music nerds, we’ve covered the Sun Region, and now it’s time to brave the Elements!

First Round Matchups: Elements Region

Also check out the other regions:

Nerd, please.

MMN’s pick: Dean Martin: “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow”

I have to go with the classic on this one. I don’t really have anything against Sir Elton… but Lena’s song takes the weather metaphor more literally, it seems to me.

MMN’s pick: Lena Horne: “Stormy Weather”

I’ve never taken AC/DC all that seriously as musicians, but… well, I’m not going to start now, either. However, the contrapuntal guitar line in this is pretty awesome — like Bach on speed. In fact, I think it needs to be arranged for organ!

MMN’s pick: AC/DC: “Thunderstruck”

Nine times out of ten, I would probably rather listen to the Springsteen, but I have to give the nod to Lightfoot in this context, as the song is weather-inspired to the core.

MMN’s pick: Gordon Lightfoot: “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”

Same as above — I love the U2 song, but “Over the Rainbow” fits the theme better; let’s not forget the tornado association, even if the song doesn’t mention it directly!

MMN’s pick: Judy Garland: “Over the Rainbow”

I’m fairly noncommittal on this one, as both songs stir up the kind of nostalgia that makes me feel a little queasy. You know, like when you contemplate your clothing and hairstyle choices from junior high?

Speaking of which, I’ll give the nod to Bob Seger, because according to him, the song was inspired by his memories of running cross country in high school.

MMN’s pick: Bob Seger “Against the Wind”

No contest — all hail (heh) to the girl groups!

MMN’s pick: Martha and the Vandellas: “(Love is Like a) Heatwave”

The Stones win this one. I’m a sucker for anything antiphonal: “Hey!” “HEY!” “You!” “YOU!” etc. Good times!

MMN’s pick: The Rolling Stones: “Get Off Of My Cloud”

Stay tuned for the second round, where we’ll consider songs about Rain and the Seasons. Think Vivaldi will show up in there?

What are your picks, music nerds?

Next up: Elements Region!


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