Weather Song Tournament: Elite 8!

The Weather Channel's Weather Song Tournament

We’ve arrived at the Elite 8 round of the Weather Channel’s Weather Song Tournament! Voting is still open in the Rain and Seasons regions, but it has already closed in the Sun and Elements regions (click links to see results). Here are my four picks — let’s see if I picked the winning teams!

Elite 8 Round: Sun Region

This is a toughie; I’ve been a big booster for Bill Withers all along, but then, the Beatles song is a classic. I’m gonna be contrarian and go for Bill Withers here.

MMN’s pick: Bill Withers: “Ain’t No Sunshine”

Elite 8 Round: Elements Region

Okay, here’s a goofy little story I’ve been wanting to tell ever since this tournament started. Every time I think of “Over the Rainbow,” I’m reminded of the small a capella choir I sang in as a high schooler. We had rehearsed a rather lovely arrangement of the song that featured a solo voice accompanied by oohs and ahhs by the rest of the choir, beginning at the words, “Someday I’ll wish upon a star.”

During a performance, our wonderful soloist had one of those moments that musicians have nightmares about, where you can’t remember your part even though you know it like the back of your hand. When he got to the line, “Where troubles melt like lemon drops…” he hesitated right before “troubles,” and instead sang, “Where turnips melt like lemon drops…” But what was really funny was how the rest of us struggled to continue singing our harmonies in tune, while stifling our mirth! Memories like those are priceless…

That said, I’m voting for Dean!

MMN’s pick: Dean Martin: “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow”

Elite 8 Round: Rain Region

At this moment as I write this, Gene Kelly is only leading CCR by 1 point. COME ON, PEOPLE!!

MMN’s pick: Gene Kelly: “Singin’ in the Rain”

Elite 8 Round: Seasons Region

I’m glad to see the old standards doing so well in this tournament. I want to see that continue!

MMN’s pick: Bing Crosby: “White Christmas”

Vote for Rain and Seasons regions until 5am EDT tomorrow! Then on Tuesday, it’s the Final Four!

What are your picks, music nerds?


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