Weather Song Tournament, Sweet Sixteen Round: Sun & Elements!

The Weather Channel's Weather Song Tournament Music Nerd March Madness resumes! The competition in the Weather Channel’s Weather Song Tournament is heating up with the Sweet Sixteen Round! Voting is open now for the Sun and Elements regions — make your selections before 5am EDT tomorrow (Wednesday, March 21)!

Sweet Sixteen Round: Sun Region

I’m smarting a bit over the elimination of Stevie, but that’s showbiz, I guess! Both of these are classics, but I think the Beatles’ song is essential here.

MMN’s pick: The Beatles: “Here Comes The Sun”

No contest, as far as I’m concerned!

MMN’s pick: Bill Withers: “Ain’t No Sunshine”

Sweet Sixteen Round: Elements Region

Dean Martin has been steamrolling easily so far, but this is a tougher matchup. “Let It Snow” starts to seem frivolous next to Bob Dylan’s earnest folkiness (or is it folksy earnestness?). Still, I’m sticking with Martin’s crooning over Dylan’s, um, idiosyncratic vocal stylings.

MMN’s pick: Dean Martin: “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow”

I’m disappointed that “Get Off of My Cloud” didn’t go up against “Over the Rainbow” — that would’ve been an amusingly oddball pairing. Well, this one is oddball too, but far less competitive, to me.

MMN’s pick: Judy Garland: “Over the Rainbow”

Tune in tomorrow for the Sweet Sixteen Round in the Rain and Seasons regions!

What are your picks, music nerds?


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