March Madness for Music Nerds!

UPDATE: Here are my picks for the Sun Region and for the Elements Region!

I have a confession to make, music nerds.

I don’t give a tinker’s damn about sports.

In music nerd terms, this is certainly less surprising and controversial than my ambivalence toward baroque music, but you try living in Boston and not being a Red Sox fan — it’s not pretty. I have on occasion enjoyed watching a game or two, but I’ve never felt a pressing need to follow a particular team or get involved with the trajectory of a season.

So, the only blip of March Madness on my radar screen this month took the form of mild amusement at the bracket-patterned dresses in a TV commercial I’ve seen recently (I can’t find it on the Google, so if anyone out there has seen it, too and can recall what it’s actually advertising, let me know!

But then yesterday, while checking the Weather Channel to see just how unseasonally beautiful a day we were going to have, I discovered this:

The Weather Channel's Weather Song Tournament

Over the next three weeks, you can vote on your favorite weather songs in four different categories: Sun, Rain, Seasons and Elements. Now, that’s my kinda bracket! You can view all of the competing songs in bracket format on this pdf. And here’s a grid with all the song titles, plus links to listen in iTunes.

Voting began this morning in the Sun and Elements categories. (The posts say that voting ends April 14 at 5:00 am EDT, but I think that must be a typo, and that it should say March 14. So vote before bedtime tonight!)

In my next post, I’ll break down the contestants and share my picks. (Update: here’s the first round breakdown, part 1 and part 2!) Arm chair music nerds, lace up your kicks!


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