Happy Easter Monday, Music Nerds!

I Survived HW 2013

And Happy Passover to everyone still celebrating! A few years ago when I began my church organist job in Boston, I started a tradition of making a Badge of Completion to share with everyone involved in the church marathon that … Continue reading

Friday Nerdy Music Links: Three Rivers Edition!

Happy Friday, music nerds! Today’s edition of Friday Nerdy Music Links will be brief, because Miss Music Nerd has been running herself ragged this week working on a project to be announced at a later date. (Part of my extramusical … Continue reading

Friday Nerdy Music Links: Mardi Gras, Lent, & Elephants, Yeah!

Happy Friday, music nerds! It’s been a quiet week at Music Nerd Central, as McDoc and I both needed a little R’n’R after our respective travels. There was no gallivanting in the streets for us this Mardi Gras, though we … Continue reading

Royal Wedding Watchers, Here’s The Music You Missed!

I know, I know – you thought everything there was to cover about the royal wedding had been covered: the dresses, the hats, the guest list (and who wasn’t on it), etc, etc. The music chosen for the ceremony hasn’t been … Continue reading

Mission Accomplished: Holy Week and Easter!

Happy Easter Monday, Music Nerds! Happy Passover and Happy Spring, too! I’m tired but content today, having successfully completed another Holy Week in my role as church organist/choir director (Here’s the post-game wrap-up from last year!). For those of you … Continue reading

Music Nerd Merch: the Gregorian Chant Store!

Happy Father’s Day, music nerds! McDoc just found something to make the music nerdometer redline! He’s heavily into Gregorian Chant, you see — more so than I am (who’s really the music nerd here, one wonders?), and he found, through … Continue reading

Happy Easter Monday, Music Nerds!

Well, I did it! I got through my first Holy Week and Easter in my new organist-choir director position! Feel free to share this badge of honor with any church musicians, clergy, altar guild members, church office workers, etc., that … Continue reading

Miss Music Nerd’s Choral Marathon!

Happy Monday, music nerds — as happy as the Monday after “Springing Forward” can be, that is! I know I’m not the only one who gets thrown off-kilter by it. Sample comments from Facebook and Twitter today: “The change to … Continue reading

The Transcendent Organist: A Conversation With Gail Archer

Happy International Women’s Day, music nerds! As luck would have it, I have an outstanding woman to introduce to you today! Gail Archer is a very busy concert organist and dedicated teacher with an impressive list of projects to her … Continue reading