Friday Nerdy Music Links: Mardi Gras, Lent, & Elephants, Yeah!

Happy Friday, music nerds! It’s been a quiet week at Music Nerd Central, as McDoc and I both needed a little R’n’R after our respective travels. There was no gallivanting in the streets for us this Mardi Gras, though we … Continue reading

Royal Wedding Watchers, Here’s The Music You Missed!

I know, I know – you thought everything there was to cover about the royal wedding had been covered: the dresses, the hats, the guest list (and who wasn’t on it), etc, etc. The music chosen for the ceremony hasn’t been … Continue reading

The Transcendent Organist: A Conversation With Gail Archer

Happy International Women’s Day, music nerds! As luck would have it, I have an outstanding woman to introduce to you today! Gail Archer is a very busy concert organist and dedicated teacher with an impressive list of projects to her … Continue reading