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WMMN MicIt has been my honor and privilege to interview a number of accomplished musicians, some well-known and some who should be better-known. Here are links to the wonderful conversations I’ve had.

Laurie Anderson, multimedia artist
“I Love to Keep Moving:” An Interview With Laurie Anderson

Multimedia artist and avant-pop icon Laurie Anderson was nominated for Best Pop Instrumental Performance in 2010, and I spoke with her by phone while she browsed in a bookstore.

Gail Archer, organist
The Transcendent Organist: A Conversation With Gail Archer

On the occasion of her concert tour and recording of J.S. Bach’s Chorale Preludes, Ms. Archer and I discussed church organist jobs, what Bach and Messiaen have in common, and the ups and downs of being a woman in music.

Harrison Birtwistle, composer
Permanently Beginning: A Conversation With Sir Harrison Birtwistle

I spoke to Sir Harrison backstage at the Boston Symphony after a rehearsal for his Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, commissioned and premiered by the BSO in 2011 with violinist Christian Tetzlaff.

Ben Leeds Carson, composer
Where Critics Fail to Tread: A Conversation with Ben Leeds Carson

A conversation about how composers wish to be evalutated for the music they write, but are often judged by the music they did not write.

Margaret Cho, comedian
Margaret Cho: A Comedian Who’s Serious About Music!

Margaret Cho was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album in 2010. Can you guess who her favorite classical composer is?

Sarah Schuster Ericsson, harpist
Harpist Sarah Schuster Ericsson Wants to Play More Notes!

Sarah Schuster Ericsson was the first harpist to be nominated for a Grammy as a soloist. We spoke on the occasion of her second nomination, for her CD of 20-Century harp sonatas.

Gabriela Lena Frank, composer, pianist
Classical GRAMMY Day! Plus, a Question for Gabriela Lena Frank

The Grammy nominee talks about her gratitude for the talented folks who perform her works, and how she treasures the opportunity to perform with them as a pianist.

Jeffry George, Executive Director, Cantata Singers
Back in the Land of Music: Cantata Singers Executive Director Jeffry George
The Strongest Form of Communication: a Conversation with Jeffry George, Part 2

Executive Director of Boston’s Cantata Singers discusses his background in theatre and his philosophy of leading by listening.

Yehuda Gilad, conductor
GRAMMY Week Starts With One Night Only and a Classical Surprise!

I spoke with the conductor of the Colburn Orchestra about the Colburn School and being the opening act for jazz and rock stars at a Grammy Week event.

Steven Mackey, composer
Steven Mackey: Composer, Guitarist, Musical Omnivore!

The Grammy-nominated composer and I discussed how music can be set to words as well as vice-versa, which movie musical we both love, and what advice he wouldn’t give to a couple of his fellow composers!

Eliesha Nelson, violist
The Sky’s the Limit: Eliesha Nelson’s Viola Odyssey

The Grammy-nominated violist spoke with me about her discovery of the viola and subsequent advocacy for it, the state of the arts today, and her own homegrown experiments in music education.

Allison Voth, pianist, vocal coach
Not With A Bang, But A Hymn: Cantata Singers Presents Songs of Ralph Vaughan Williams

Allison Voth discusses her background as a collaborative pianist and coach, and the preparations for a Cantata Singers concert of music by Ralph Vaughan Williams.

Yakov Zamir, countertenor
Lisztomania! An Interview with Yakov Zamir

Composer Franz Liszt is best-known for his solo piano music, but Yakov Zamir shares his passion for Liszt’s extensive song repertoire.


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