Home from Hollywood!

MMN recuperating on her fainting couch

MMN recuperating on her fainting couch

Hello again, Music Nerds! I’m back home in Boston, de-jet-lagged and well-rested after spending a few days on my fainting couch, wondering if my GRAMMY® adventure was all a dream!

No, it was definitely real, and I have more to share about it, following up on the quick post-game recaps I posted last week. I’ll have the inside scoop from the exclusive venues I managed to con my way into at various events: backstage, the red carpet, the nosebleed seats… I saw it all! 😉

Yep, that's really my foot touching the red carpet!

Stay tuned for my series, Tales from the GRAMMYs, coming soon!



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  1. Welcome back!

    So, care to comment on this article?


    It seems to say that if I recorded a “classical” album with a label and then bought a mere couple hundred copies of my own album, I’d make the “top ten” list for classical sales. Heck, maybe I should do that! I know publishing houses sometimes buy their own books to push titles into the Times bestseller list. Is the top classical list so pointless that nobody even bothers?