Miss Music Nerd Gets Dressed!

Wherein I fall off the turnip truck and into high fashion! 🙂

Ever since I found out I was going to attend the GRAMMY® Awards, I’ve had a little anxious voice in the back of my mind saying, “OMG, what’ll I wear?!?” I mean, I do have a few presentable outfits, but we’re talking Hollywood, here! Being as my default mode is home in front of the computer in yoga pants and a sweater I stole borrowed from McDoc, the prospect of going out among the Beautiful People is a bit intimidating!

I knew I was in a champagne-taste-on-a-beer-budget kind of situation, that would call for some serious creativity and resourcefulness.

I’ve recently made the acquaintance of a wonderful musician whose ‘day job’ is working at a very high-end boutique on Newbury Street, which is the Boston equivalent of Rodeo Drive. Just for kicks, I asked her how big a deal one has to be to ‘get dressed’ by a designer. “A celebrity,” she answered. Just what I figured… and while I know I’m a star in a few people’s universes, I’m not exactly paparazzi catnip! 😉

However, my friend said, “Let me ask around; there may be someone who’s willing to work with you.” A few days later, she gave me name of a local designer, and encouraged me to visit the boutique. I checked out the designer’s website and was dazzled by what I saw!

That brings us to yesterday, when I found myself heading to Back Bay on the T. Suddenly, the absurdity of the errand dawned on me, and I thought to myself, “Are you crazy? They are going to call security, right after they get done laughing you out the door!”

But then I remembered what VirgoMom always used to tell me: “They can’t shoot you for asking!” Besides, I’m all about learning experiences, and I was sure I’d learn something!

So I marched into this lovely boutique in the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel and told the owner my story. Before I knew it, I was trying things on and making plans to look like I traveled by something much classier than the above-mentioned conveyances!!

The photos above are a little sampling of what I’m going to have going on. Of course, I’ll have more and better photos next week when it’s officially showtime!

In exchange for allowing me to bring two wonderful outfits to L.A. with me, I will sing the praises of Denise Hajjar far and wide! If you find yourself in the neighborhood, drop by her shop, and tell her Miss Music Nerd sent you!

So, I know I’ll definitely look good without blowing the budget… but I could still use your help with travel expenses! If you’ve got some virtual loose change rattling around that you wouldn’t mind dropping in my Paypal account, I’d be forever grateful! Or, contact me for my mailing address if you prefer the paper check route. Thanks to the generosity of wonderful folks like Denise and you, dear reader, I’m on my way! 😀



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  1. That’s great to know, Paul! She has a good heart. I understand she designed costumes for the Boston Children’s Choir recently – very cool!

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