How Much Excitement Can One Music Nerd Handle?!

So many great things going on, I’m tempted to stay within an arm’s length of my fainting couch, just in case! 😉

I just got the word that my first post for is now live! A second one is in the editing pipeline, I’m told, and it should be posted soon!

I fly to Southern California on Monday, and as you can probably imagine, I have quite a long to-do list to work through before I take off!

First, I have many wonderful friends to thank for helping out with my travel expenses. I’ve raised 35% of my goal of $1,000. If you can spare a 5- or 10-spot to help me get the rest of the way, I’d be thrilled! Here’s my Paypal link, or contact me for my mailing address! (And it doesn’t matter if contributions don’t reach me til after I leave… it’ll all go to the charge card after all is said and done! 😀 )

Second, I just got the schedule of events for GRAMMY® Week. I get to attend:

  • Wednesday: Salute to Classical Music Honoring Placido Domingo
  • Thursday: GRAMMY Career Day, a chat with students about careers in music
    & GRAMMY Jazz Ensembles — student musicians get to play with the pros
  • Friday: Social Media Rock Star Summit at the GRAMMY Museum (Need I say more? 😉 )
  • Saturday: Special Merit Awards Ceremony & 52nd Annual GRAMMY Nominees Reception
  • Sunday: The Big Show!!!


Oh, and third, I have to pack! Clothing, shoes, and electronic gadgets, oh my! 😉

At the same time, other music nerdity continues as usual! Tomorrow night I get to hear the Boston Modern Orchestra Project’s Band in Boston show at New England Conservatory. And Saturday, I’ll check out the Inter-NEC Collective perform Terry Riley’s In C (I piece I, admittedly, have mixed feelings about! 🙂 ) on the JP Concerts series.

Thank goodness for coffee, is all I can say! 🙂



How Much Excitement Can One Music Nerd Handle?! — 4 Comments

  1. Excellent! I’m envious, I must admit! My month of daily composing was such a great experience — I’d gladly do it again if my schedule permitted (and at some point I hope to work it out so it will!).

  2. This sounds like a wonderful trip – and busy! I wonder if you will actually meet Placido Domingo. That would be a thrill. He has inherited the title of the “hardest working man in show business.”
    I hope you get to shake his hand.

  3. Oh, me too! Actually, I’ve been warned that those of us who are of the female persuasion are likely to get a kiss out of the bargain as well! 🙂