Weather Song Tournament: First Round Matchups, Seasons Region!

We’ve arrived at the final quadrant in the first round of the the Weather Channel’s Weather Song Tournament: the Seasons Region. Let’s get to the Music Nerd March Madness! First Round Matchups: Seasons Region Also check out the other regions: … Continue reading

Dem Convention Music, Day 4: We'll Do It Live! (Mostly)

Was it a political rally or a rock concert? Last night’s Convention Grande Finale featured about as much live-on-stage performance as the previous 3 nights combined. The always hard-working house band got a few more breaks than usual as several … Continue reading

Dem Convention Music, Day 3: Hits and Misses

I suppose anything that had to follow the excitement of the first nomination of an African American for president by a major political party (What, you mean you didn’t tune in for the state-by-state roll call voting that transmogrified into … Continue reading