Dem Convention Music, Day 4: We'll Do It Live! (Mostly)

Was it a political rally or a rock concert? Last night’s Convention Grande Finale featured about as much live-on-stage performance as the previous 3 nights combined. The always hard-working house band got a few more breaks than usual as several … Continue reading

Dem Convention Music, Day 3: Hits and Misses

I suppose anything that had to follow the excitement of the first nomination of an African American for president by a major political party (What, you mean you didn’t tune in for the state-by-state roll call voting that transmogrified into … Continue reading

Dem Convention Music, Day 2: Tuesday Night Grab-Bag

The music for Tuesday night was kind of a grab-bag — a bit of a let down from Monday night’s funk-fest, if you ask me. There were many fills that I didn’t recognize, and most of the ones I did … Continue reading

The Denver School of Funk!

You never know when an opportunity for music education will present itself. This is both delightful and vexing to yours truly, because it means that 1) there’s never a shortage of grist for the music-nerdy mill, but 2) there’s so … Continue reading