Organists of the World: Demand Your Rights!

Earlier this week, while on a visit to our country estate (a.k.a. my sister-in-law’s house northeast of Cincinnati), McDoc and I stumbled upon an amazing sight!

reserved for org

Sure, it looks like just an ordinary parking space, but look closer:

reserved for org CU

That’s right, yo! If you’ve ever been in a church parking lot (and who doesn’t hang out in them?), you may have noticed something along these lines. Oh, sure — that’s easy. But if you took a survey of churchgoers, asking them whether they’d rather skip the sermon or the music — well, I think you’d get a good idea of who the real VIP is in this context. 😉

BTW, when we stopped to take this picture, a car was just pulling into it. “Are you the organist?” I asked the driver, fully prepared to make a citizen’s arrest if he had said no. He identified himself as the choir director, so I had to let him off the hook. He kindly backed up so I could have my photo opp, then he told us the back story. It seems a previous organist liked to do her grocery shopping in between the early and late services, and having a reserved space meant she could slip into the church just in time even after the rush of congregants had arrived. Very efficient, I’d say!

Thanks to the choir director of Lebanon United Methodist Church for being so friendly! 🙂



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    Just wanted to say I liked your Roller Derby post on KOS…I was banned from there some time ago for talking about Ralph Nader and this parties, or I would have responded…I’m in a roller derby league in California….