Stop! Faith, Hope and Gold Lamé

I admit it — I fell for it. How ’bout you?

Yes, I believed that this was an amusing stunt pulled off by a bona fide flash mob, rather that a slick, rehearsed Hollywood production created to promote a reality TV show.

I believed because I wanted — nay, needed — to believe. I needed to believe that a group of people of diverse ages, races and sizes could band together and, armed with nothing but the sheer, unadulterated joy of their synchronized dance moves, tweak the collective nose of the L.A.-hipster-overpriced-skinny-jeans-buying beautiful people. Being able to believe that gave me hope — even if just for a moment — that everything was going to be alright.

But I got hip while reading the comments here. My grief was immense, but mercifully short-lived.

Life goes on. After all, it’s always hammertime somewhere in the world — or somewhere in a galaxy far, far away:


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