The Awesome Gravity of J.S. Bach!

So there I was, minding my own business, looking for a particular recording, when gravity conspired against me, as it is wont to do!

Click Mr. Readmore for the whole, messy story… 😉

This afternoon, I was fixing to practice a certain organ piece by J.S. Bach that I want to play. I confess, I’ve always found the idea of playing Bach a wee bit intimidating, so I said to myself, “Self, maybe you should consult a recording of this piece, that you may avoid appearing goofy in public.”

I couldn’t remember whether I owned a recording of this particular piece or not, but I figured that before I shelled out McDoc’s my hard-earned money on iTunes, I might as well check.

Problem is, McDoc and I have more CDs than we have room in our CD cases. And when I went to check the rogue pile that I, in my foolhardiness, had put on top of the case, I upset said pile and sent a few CDs hurtling into the nether region between the neighboring book case and the wall.


Plastic makes a rather disturbingly convincing breaking sound when it falls six or seven feet!

Undeterred, I decided to pull the entire CD case out so that I could rescue the discs that had gone down the rabbit hole. It wasn’t that heavy, after all…

Indeed, it was somewhat lighter after a number of CDs fell out in the course of my wrasslin’ with the crazy thing.

It was worse than this, actually; this is after a partial cleanup!

McDoc was due home from work pretty soon, and I hoped he would be laughing too hard to be able to get mad at me… My four-year-old nephew manages to stay on the plus-side of this equation with his mom, when he yells out “BOOBIES!” over and over again in the middle of Target. I just had to hope that I, too, was cute enough to get away with it! 😀

I got the discs out from where they had fallen, at least!

The good news is, during the course of the cleanup, I came across a CD called Baroque Favorites. Now, ordinarily I look with a jaundiced eye upon such commercially packaged collections, usually consisting of only the well-known, dare I say overplayed works, lifted out of their intended contexts. That doesn’t mean I never buy them, mind you… but when I do, I am careful to view myself with disdain for an appropriate period of time afterwards. Keeping one’s music nerd cred intact is a task that requires constant vigilance!

Anyhoo, I saw the name of this collection and thought, “Yeah, like my piece will be on here!”

I flipped it over and read the track list, and voilà! Gravity did me a favor, albeit in roundabout fashion! 🙂

Here’s the piece I was looking for, by the way: “In Dulci Jubilo,” BWV 729. Quite a fun little ditty to play, really!


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