RIP Davy Jones

I just got the news that Davy Jones of the Monkees died of a heart attack this morning. Rest in peace, Davy!

The Monkees: Daydream Believer

The news is making me nostalgic for childhood, when I would often watch reruns of the Monkees in the afternoons after school.

The Monkees theme song

Chronological circumstances arranged things so that I was into the Monkees before I appreciated the Beatles, so I was indignant when confronted with the conventional wisdom that the Monkees were ridiculous cut-rate imitators. (That’s just one tiny facet of many that make up my warped brain!)

The Monkees: Last Train to Clarksville

Later on, I would become all educated and develop a more comprehensive perspective, but I still think the Monkees were funny and charming, and I enjoy their catchy songs. I miss TV shows like that, too — though there are more musical shows on now than there were for a while, they tend to be rather serious and overwrought (Yes, I’m looking at you, Glee and Smash) rather than goofy and fun. If there’s a goofy and fun musical TV show that I’ve missed, somebody please hip me!

The closest thing to that concept that I can think of from recent years is the musical episode of Scrubs, which was pretty awesome. But it was almost 5 years ago, so I’m thinking there must be newer examples that I just haven’t run across!

Scrubs: My Musical

But I digress. I’m sorry to hear of Davy Jones’ passing; he was only 66. Oh, look! he sang a song about me!

The Monkees: Don’t Listen To Linda

Hey, wait a minute… I can explain… 😉


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