Battin' 1000!

Miss Music Nerd surged past 1000 hits this week! And that’s after less than a month! (I imported some older posts from my other blog, Our Detroit Odyssey, but I started this blog on Dec. 2nd.)

Here’s some music to celebrate, from the 30 Days Project — something that has a good beat, that you can dance to! 😉

[sonific cc7415126c905174be0fa412aa977ff44e0c133e]

So I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has read, commented, lurked, blogrolled me, emailed links to friends, etc. etc. A special welcome to my international readers, who have visited from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Israel, Paraguay, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and others!

I had been thinking and planning and dreaming about launching Miss Music Nerd for a couple of years now; I wanted to create a place where I could talk about whatever random musical topics interested me, in a way that was educational and fun at the same time. It’s like a music appreciation class where the syllabus has no limitations.

I have big plans for the future of this thing, including podcasting, interviews, CD and concert reviews, posts of more of my own music, and, eventually, world domination.

But I need your help!

I’m looking for suggestions for new taglines — someone pointed out to me that “Nerd is the new cool” is somewhat outdated, because being nerdy has been cool for awhile now. Other ideas I have are:

  • Music Appreciation that Doesn’t Suck
  • Music for Nerds — Chords that Matter (a blatant ripoff riff on Slashdot’s
    “News for nerds, stuff that matters”)
  • Everything you always wanted to know about music but were afraid to ask

Got a better idea? Post it in comments or send me an email!

While you’re at it, send me a question or topic suggestion!

Don’t forget these other easy ways to keep in touch:

Finally, donations are greatly appreciated. You can even commission an original piece of music! (A great gift idea, if you missed anyone on your list this holiday season! 😉 )

Thanks, and here’s to plenty nerdy musical fun in the future!

Thanks for reading, and Happy Holidays!

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    1. No, you make the world a better place. I’m so glad TPGoddess0103 introduced us. Hope your Xmas was merry and the New Year brings you great prosperity and happiness.

      BTW, did you catch the KenCen awards on TV tonight? The truly inspirational performance honored pianist, Leon Fleischer. His protege, ??? Bass, from the Peabody, played Beethoven’s “Choral Fantasy” The conservatory orchestra and chorale joined in, successively, for an awe-inspiring performance.