Greetings, CBC listeners!

O Canada!

I recently sent a link to this blog to Tom Allen, who hosts the morning show Music and Company on CBC Radio 2. McDoc and I really enjoy his witty, off-the-wall commentary and funny stories he tells in between classical pieces. In fact, my clock radio is tuned to CBC 2, so I wake up to his show every morning.

I pressed snooze too many times this morning, though, because I missed it when he mentioned the blog to his listeners! Dang it! But that’s the way it goes when you’re a decadent, bohemian arty type. If I had to pick five words to describe myself, they might just be “So not a morning person.”

Anyway, my great thanks to Tom for the shout-out, and a hearty welcome to readers from Canada (and my fellow Americans who dig CBC radio!). I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful international friendship! 😀

UPDATE: Tom Allen threw me in his Junk Drawer! And it’s a great honor! 😉


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