Mission Accomplished!

When McDoc and I first moved to the Detroit area and discovered that there actually is a growing scene here for new classical music, I set a goal for myself to have a piece performed in the area before the end of 2007. I reached my goal this weekend!


That’s percussionist Ian Ding performing Kitchen Sink Serenade, one of the pieces from the 30 Days Project. at the Detroit Institute of Arts. The performances, on Friday and Saturday afternoons, were part of the DIA’s grand re-opening celebration; it has been partially closed for renovations for over six years now. I heard that over 40,000 people visited during their 32-hour long marathon party that began on Friday morning. I believe it, too, because the line to get in was down the block (admission was free this weekend).

It was great to be part of such a wonderful cultural event in Detroit, and to see so many people come out to participate. McDoc and I were at the DIA until 1:30 am Friday night (technically Saturday morning!), after attending a very hip party in the penthouse at the Park Shelton, and the joint was still jumpin’!


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