A Third of the Way Through 30 Days!

I thought I’d post a compilation playlist of the first 10 days* of the 30 Day Project, so that folks can listen to the pieces without having to navigate between posts. Of course you’ll miss my witty explanations and informative links, 😉 but that’s okay, the music is really what it’s all about anyway.

All 10 pieces will play in a row, and you can click the “forward” button to skip ahead. (I need to ask the nice folks at Sonific if they’d add a “rewind” button too, not to mention a slider that will let you move within a track. ‘Twould be nice.)

[sonific c1715aa332cceffe2b127bc0496dd907b4cb1796]

Update: Now, with Titles! And links to the original posts!

*I’m going to edit the time stamp on this post so it will appear “before” Days 11 and 12. Ooh, I feel so powerful, altering the space-time continuum like that!

Thanks for listening!


A Third of the Way Through 30 Days! — 1 Comment

  1. Well, you are being very creative. Very interesting techniques. Sounds something like that time we went to the recital at UCSD when each student played many different kinds of alternative music on some very unique and different instruments. I guess that’s how new and innovative music comes into being.

    Keep up the good work.

    Love – Dad