Two Thirds of the Way Through 30 Days!

Can you believe it’s September already?

I have this odd dual feeling when I look back on the past 20 days — it seems to have gone by in a whirlwind, but it also seems like it was a long time ago when I started, because of how much activity I’ve packed into the time. I guess that’s good. Far better than being bored.

Just give me and McDoc a little advance warning if you’d like to drop by McVirgoland, because we’re a little bit behind on housekeeping tasks these days! 😉

Here’s a playlist for Days 11-20:

[sonific 8d09e9edb124690d640b324bcc06c6ab899b9262]

And here are links and titles:

And to hear a playlist with Days 1-10, go here.

Thanks for listening!

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