A Little Housekeeping

NaBloPoMo Day 27!

I found out recently that the audio hosting site I had been using isn’t working anymore. It might come back at some point, but for the moment there are licensing issues to deal with. It’s too bad, because I was hosting my own music with them, so licensing really wasn’t an issue for me (though if they had wanted to pay me the vast sums of money that the record companies were demanding for use of their content, it wouldn’t have hurt my feelings! 😉 ). But, that’s show biz. I tend to agree with the assessment that the major-label music industry is “certifiably dysfunctional.”

At any rate, this meant that I needed to go back and change all the audio links for the 30 Days Project. It was tedious, but it’s done now.

So if anyone has clicked on this tab between May 1 and now and been disappointed to find no music there, please accept my apologies! It works now — I tested it! (And feel free to comment if there are any hiccups. That don’t seem to be intentionally part of the music, that is. 😀 )

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