Announcing: the 30 Days Project

The facts at hand:

  • I am addicted to the internet.
  • I have a dissertation to finish, as well as a commission from the San Diego Chamber Orchestra.
  • My compositional muscles are flabby from disuse.
  • I need something/someone to whip me into shape.

My proposal:

  • Starting today, I will write a short piece of music every day for 30 days.
  • I will record each piece and post it online (the recordings will be quick ‘n’ dirty — either solo piano or cheesy MIDI).
  • At the end of the 30 days, composition will have become a habit again!

I’ve had writer’s block for an embarrassingly long time. It’s a self-perpetuating thing. And overcoming it is made harder by the fact that my musical interests and aesthetic orientation have changed since I started my dissertation. I’ll use this time to experiment, and maybe get some ideas about what kind of music I want to write going forward. Or, maybe I’ll just have a collection of short, goofy pieces to share with friends. In any case, it’s a start. My new motto is, “Something is better than nothing.”

I must give credit to my friend, the visual artist Stacie Birky Greene for the inspiration behind this project. She did an artwork a day for a year!

I’m not going to specify the exact time of day each piece will go online, since it will certainly vary. I figure anytime before midnight is okay. So stay tuned! You can subscribe to email updates at the upper right-hand corner of the blog page!

Wish me luck!


Announcing: the 30 Days Project — 3 Comments

  1. “Something” from Linda is better than most things from most of us. I’m looking forward to a daily dose of your composition and self-discipline. August has 31 days….

    Tell McDoc “Happy Birthday” from the Schallons.

  2. Hi vm! I think this is an excellent project, and I’m considering doing something similar with writing. I bookmarked your site so that I could follow your progress – wishing you much inspiration & productivity.

    And I hope Dr. vm had a happy birthday, Saran Wrap or not…

  3. SD Chamber Orchestra? Does DAvid Amos still conduct it? I played a concert with them about 30 yrs ago. Paul Creston was the compser of that comission. You’re in good company there.
    I was there for the other pieces on the program as I’m a horn player and his piece was for strings. Congrats on the comish and good luck with the 30day project. I did 30 painting in 30 days a couple of times in the last few years and it is challenging. It does focus the mind like the proverbial hangman’s noose though. [grin]
    Best of luck kossak! [sig. daddybunny]