The 30 Days Project: Day 27

I was in a slightly melancholy mood today. I’m not sure why… maybe it’s because I saw this movie last night. Or maybe it’s just because of all the laundry that needs to get done before McDoc and I leave tomorrow to spend a long weekend with his sister and her family! 😉

Whatever the cause, I feel better now that I’ve written this piece. It was windy and rainy today — at one point I had to run from the car to the door of our building while it was pouring — it’s amazing how wet you can get in 3 seconds! In today’s piece, for solo piano, I attempted to capture the capricious character of the wind as it blows those first few raindrops around — as viewed through the window, from the dry comfort of indoors!

Oh, by the way, our weekend trip won’t cause any interruptions in the project. I’ll pack up the McVirgoland recording rig and take it on the road! Fingers crossed that we won’t encounter any technical difficulties!

Click play to listen:


Thanks for listening!


The 30 Days Project: Day 27 — 1 Comment

  1. Hello!
    I found your postcard at Caribou Coffee 14& Campbell the other day and finally checked out your website online. Day 27 was lovely! I will take some time in the next week to listen to more.

    What a creative person you are! Keep up the good work!