The 30 Days Project: Day 29

Hmm… What haven’t I written for yet?

I’m not trying to make this thing complicated, but the cool thing about being a composer is that the orchestra is your toybox. Actually, the whole world of live and recorded sound is your toybox. Pretty dang cool!

I’ve been thinking about wind instruments lately. I hadn’t yet written for bassoon or oboe, and I like them both very much, so I thought I’d better get them in (I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of the project! 🙁 ). In fact I chose woodwind quintet, just because it’s kind of quirky and doesn’t get much written for it these days, as far as I know. It can be difficult to think about what to write for it, since the instruments are pretty different from each other and it can be hard to get them to blend and balance.

McDoc and I are visiting my sister-in-law and her husband this weekend, and my brother-in-law Chris is a guitarist and singer who always shows me lots of cool jazz music when we visit, so I’ve got jazz on the brain. Goofy jazz, of course — or it wouldn’t be me! 🙂

Click play to listen:

[audio:|titles=Maineville Shuffle]

Thanks for listening!

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