Weather Song Tournament, Final Four: Rain & Seasons!

The Weather Channel's Weather Song Tournament

Things are really heating up in the Weather Channel’s Weather Song Tournament! Voting is open now in the Rain & Seasons regions, and the competition is stiff! Vote (for Gene Kelly!!) before 5 am EDT tomorrow!

Final Four: Rain vs. Seasons

Man, it’s like having to choose between cake and ice cream, isn’t it?

I’ve always had a huge soft spot for Gene Kelly, though. As a teenager, I would watch An American in Paris and Singin’ in the Rain over and over (nerdiness is not exactly a new thing for me!), and I still think they’re two of the best films of all time. Plus, how could you not admire someone who shot a scene like this while running a fever?

Singin’ in the Rain dance sequence:

So, I’m rooting heavily for my pick here… I fear I won’t be on the winning side, as it’s hard to beat Christmas… COME ON, PEOPLE! Vote now!!

MMN’s pick: Gene Kelly: “Singin’ in the Rain”

Tomorrow morning, voting opens for the Championship Final!

But today, vote for Gene, music nerds!!!


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