The Alphabet Makes Odd (Musical) Bedfellows!

McDoc and I recently installed a couple CD towers in our living room… it was way past time to get the CD’s out of the cardboard boxes! (VirgoDad was kind enough to anchor them to the wall for us while visiting from California!)


We decided to put all our CD’s together — formerly McDoc’s and formerly mine, from all genres — the only organizing principle would be alphabetization. When I lived alone, I had classical CD’s separated from non-classical. But hey, we’re living in the post-modern era (some would even argue post-postmodern, but I wouldn’t recommend getting into that unless you have a bad case of insomnia! 😉 ), and boundaries are made to be crossed!

As I was arranging the CD’s on the shelves, I noticed some funny juxtapositions courtesy of the alphabet. They fell into a few categories:

Fantasy Dinner Party — artists you might like to seat next to each other so you could eavesdrop on their conversation!

Groovy Synchronicity!

Oddball Combos

Just Wrong!

Hmm, next I think I should get some of those suction cup darts and throw them at the CD tower to see what other crazy combinations I can find! 🙂

Oh, and speaking of juxtapositions, one of the pieces from The 30 Days Project fits perfectly with this topic — it’s my take on what happens when you mix Gershwin and Chopin: It Ain’t Necessarily Night. 🙂


The Alphabet Makes Odd (Musical) Bedfellows! — 2 Comments

  1. Our music has been organized for a long time. What I really need is a good, sturdy, storage case like you have. Where did you get those towers?