Pirate Music!

Do you know what day it is?

That’s right, me hearties, it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

The holiday was invented by two guys from Oregon back in 1995, but really, do you need a historically valid reason to great everyone with “Arrrr, matey!” for one day out of the year?

McDoc is a TLAPD enthusiast, so that’s how I got reminded of it… but what does this have to do with music, you ask?

No doubt you’ve heard a tune called the Sailor’s Hornpipe — it has shown up everywhere from cartoons to orchestral concerts:

And it has influenced other important works as well:

Nice nose solo at the end of that one, huh? It’s actually a tin whistle — a particularly easy instrument to carry on board ship.

Want more pirate music? Here’s a page that lists more pirate-themed groups than I ever imagined existed!

Want pirate music RIGHT NOW? You can listen to a whole internet radio station devoted to it!

But of course, the most important thing on this day is to be able to Talk Like a Pirate. Here’s a tutorial that will get you well on your way:

Now ye know what to do, ye salty sea dogs! Have at it!


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