Music Nerdometry: The Beatles

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And now, we return to our regularly scheduled nerdiness!

Okay, music nerds, this may be a bit controversial.

Yesterday I announced the establishment of the Department of Music Nerdometry. I started thinking about how to establish some baseline nerdometrics, and the thought came to me, “Where do the Beatles fall on the scale? And which one is the nerdiest?”

Here’s what I came up with:


The Ringo-George placement was a tough call, but I see Ringo as more goofy than truly nerdy. George, to me, is the most intellectual and introverted of the four. Besides, he earned my everlasting loyalty and affection for his answer to the “hairstyle” question in this interview scene from A Hard Day’s Night:

Any quibbles with my arrangement? Discuss! 🙂


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