Music Nerd Merit Badges: Performing for Two

Okay, so I get a little bit behind the times occasionally. I just last weekend saw the New York Times Magazine’s profile on controversial Sri Lankan rapper M.I.A. (née Maya Arulpragasam). And from it I learned for the first time that she performed at the 2009 GRAMMY® awards while heavily pregnant, and actually started having contractions while onstage.

What can I say? I’m only one music nerd, and I can’t be everywhere at once! 😉

I did get a great idea for more Music Nerd Merit Badges, though!

The “Performed While Visibly Pregnant” Badge:

I’m sure plenty of music nerds will qualify for that one, but far fewer will get the “Went Into Labor While Performing” Badge:

This is way too much fun! 😀


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