How You Know You’re A Real Composer!

Existential Pilot
Saturday, March 5, 8pm
Deagan Music
1770 W Berteau, Chicago IL
Free; donations accepted

So there I was minding my own business, working on a blog post (tune in again tomorrow!), when a Google Alert popped up in my email, telling me that my name had appeared somewhere in cyberspace. I clicked the link and was reminded of something I knew in the back of my mind but had temporarily forgotten: a piano piece of mine is being performed tomorrow night in Chicago!

Several months ago I had given the piece, Ordinary Wishes, to pianist and composer Ezra Donner of the new music collective Existential Pilot. I got to know this group when they visited Boston on their inaugural concert tour last year.

I was really happy when Ezra let me know he’d be playing the piece on the group’s current tour. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it to Chicago to attend the performance, which is too bad, but I’ve always felt that one way you know you’re a real composer is when your music is being played somewhere far away while you may not even be aware of it! (Of course, another mark of a true composer is being no longer of this world, but I plan to put off that particular career move as long as I can!)

So if any of you music nerds are in the Chicago area and are craving some good music nerditude tomorrow night, check out Existential Pilot, and tell ’em Miss Music Nerd sent you!

Here I am playing Ordinary Wishes last April!


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