Friday in GRAMMY Week: A Rock Star Kind of Day!

I’m heading down to Staples Center shortly for what promises to be an exciting day!

I get to meet my fellow GRAMMY® Community Bloggers in person for the first time, and we’ll be attending the Social Media Rock Star Summit at the GRAMMY Museum. CNN news anchor Rick Sanchez is the moderator, and the event will be streamed live on

Here’s how describes the event:

The Social Media Rock Star panel will focus on the evolution of social media and how it has radically changed the way music fans discover, share and consume news and information about their favorite artists; how these new platforms have quickly become a driving force for music as musicians more fully embrace it to distribute content, interact with fans, and build their brands; and the importance of communicating and promoting exclusive experiences on these networks. The participants will also look at the challenges that are unique to celebrity users of social media.

Panelists will include Jay Adelson, CEO of Digg; Pete Cashmore, CEO/founder of Mashable; Nikhil Chandhok, senior project manager for YouTube Music & Live; and a GRAMMY-nominated rock artist to be announced.

And later on, I get to spy on rehearsals for Sunday’s Big Show! It’s not going to be a classical music-oriented day at all, I won’t pass up the chance to be in on the rockin’ action! 🙂

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  1. Definitely a great show there today! I sure enjoyed the summit! I hope they do this every year, since we are the future!