Detroit: Cultural Paradise?

We’ve found plenty to do since we landed here. Our first weekend coincided with the Royal Oak Clay & Glass Art Show. We saw a glass-blowing demonstration and lots of artisan booths. The The Detroit Institute of Arts had a booth where you could paint your own postcard, which we did, and we joined the Institute at a discount rate as well.

My postcard was abstract:
abstract postcard

McDoc’s was more helpful:

map postcard

Our furniture hasn’t arrived yet, so we have no TV or radio, but we do have our computer, and we’ve been listening to local public radio stations online (our apartment building has free wireless — woo hoo!). We heard about a classical music festival called 8 Days in June, and immediately looked into it. On Saturday, there was a concert at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit given by a group called New Music Detroit. We were stunned when we found out about this, because a couple of months ago when we found out we were moving here, we googled “Detroit new music” and “contemporary music Detroit” and got nuthin’. In fact, Saturday’s concert was the group’s premiere. The concert was incredible, and I talked to the players afterward. They were very enthusiastic about the idea of me writing something for them. So this is a most auspicious beginning to our time here!

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