Backstage at the GRAMMY Salute to Classical Music: Meeting Domingo

Here I am! :)

Here I am! :)

I know that GRAMMY® Week is all about leading up to the Big Event on Sunday, but for the Classical category, last night’s Salute to Classical Music® honoring Plácido Domingo was much more than just a warm-up!

Four young opera singers performed in tribute to the Maestro, and I got to chat with them backstage before the event began — more about that later!

But right now, the answer to what I know is your burning question:

Yes, I got to meet Domingo!!! 😀

Waiting to speak with the Maestro: with all the excitement, the evening really was a blur! ;)

Waiting to speak with the Maestro: with all the excitement, the evening really was a blur! ;)

Click Mr. Readmore for the rush transcript!

There was, of course, a pair of official photographers on hand, and you can see their fabulous photos here, here, and here.

Sometimes when you meet a famous person, you find that they have a sort of a psychic wall around them that keeps whatever conversation you manage to have on a superficial level. I don’t mean that as a criticism, really; as a Level 9 introvert, I know very well that everyone needs their space.

Domingo speaks with a reporter from Televisa

But it is a pleasant surprise to meet someone who is warm, articulate, and willing to share their thoughts with you, and that is what I found Domingo to be like.

In fact, he was so willing to converse at length, that by the time I got to speak with him, the nice young man who agreed to be my impromptu photographer had left to take his seat in the house. So I didn’t get The Shot I was hoping for. Remind me to get an entourage!

Since I didn\'t get a closeup shot with Domingo, I had to settle for EATING HIS SOUL, bwahaha!!! ;)

But I got to talk to him and shake his hand, which is what really matters.

Miss Music Nerd: Maestro, you’ve had such a long and wonderful career, and now you are mentoring young singers with your Operalia program. What advice do you give to opera singers as they begin their careers?

Plácido Domino: This job is a privelege. So many people have very hard jobs, but we get to make people happy, to make them feel good. This job is also a very hard job, but it is one that you love.

MMN: All of the recordings nominated in the Best Opera Category are relatively recent, from the 20th or 21st century. What do you think about that?

PD: The opera repertory has expanded so much since I began my career. We have new operas, Czech operas, more Handel and Haydn. It’s good to have so many more choices.

MMN: You recently sang the title role in Simon Boccanegra, which is a baritone role. How did it go?

PD: It was good. I didn’t sing it as a baritone, but in my own voice, which has darkened.

MMN: What drew you to the role?

PD: It was always a dream of mine to play the role; it is so dramatic.

MMN: Is it true that you once sang backing vocals with a rock band?

PD: Yes, César Costa’s band, Los Black Jeans.

MMN: Any further plans to sing rock ‘n’ roll?

PD: No, I don’t think so!

Stay tuned for more from last night’s event!



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