Austin Touch-Blogging!

Howdy, y’all! MMN is currently in Austin, TX, where, yes, it is hot! I’m here attending Netroots Nation, a conference for political bloggers. Of course, I’m a music blogger, but I’m politically engaged as well, and there’s lots of cool stuff going on here… not the least of which is the chance to meet in person with friends I talk online with all the time. I’ve also had the chance to invite people I’ve met here to check out this blog, so if you’re here because of that, welcome and thanks for visiting!

Austin is a legendary place for live music, of course, and I did get a chance to hear a great zydeco band last night. I even got to sit in briefly — would you believe it? I will post photographic evidence very soon — watch for it!

I’m posting from an iPod Touch, which is very cool, but I need to keep my thumbs from seizing up, so I’ll keep this short. But there’s more to come, so y’all stay tuned! 🙂

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