Urgent Hello Kitty Menorah Update!

Just in time for the last night of Hanukkah!

I was excited to find that my Hello Kitty Menorah made it onto a list of 5 Geeky Menorahs at Fandomania, a pop culture blog with a geeky bent.

When the list was first posted, it featured the first version of the HK Menorah, with Hello Kitty figurines bearing various fruits. But since then, I obtained the Hello Kitty Holiday Band (McDoc found it on ebay — thanks, baby!), which is awesome, because it makes the Menorah both musical and more holiday-themed! (The players have little Santa hats on, you see!)

That’s a conductor under the shamash, by the way. And there’s still one fruit-bearing Kitty on the far right, since the band has only 8 members. 🙂

The nice blogger at Fandomania kindly updated with the new and improved version.

I wish I had more of these, because I’ve had inquiries about them. I’ll work on it for next year! 🙂



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