Search Me, vol. 2: The Word!

NaBloPoMo Day 24!

A funny search came up on my blog stats the other day. It warrants a visit from the One Word Answer Man (a concept I stole from this guy):

What is the organ word for nerd?”

Um… organist? 😛

Seriously, if I had to rank the instruments in order of nerdiness, organ would be up there. (Having played the organ myself, I feel qualified to say that!) It would have to do battle with the likes of the bagpipes, accordion, and viola. Sounds like a fun project!

Anyway, when these interesting searches show up, I like to plug them into Google myself to see if I can tell what the searcher was really looking for when they were shanghaied onto my site. When I did the search above, I came upon this: You just might be a church nerd if… (As the daughter of a church office manager, I’m fairly hip to the nerdiness, I have to confess.) The items that relate to church music are pretty funny… at least to me, as a semi-retired church musician:

  • You think that the music director choosing ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’ for a hymn on December 22 is cause for charges of heresy.
  • You think that the music director choosing ‘We Three Kings’ as a Christmas Eve hymn is cause for a new reformation.
  • You’re sure that the organist using the trumpet stops on the organ during Lent is punishable by hanging.”

Amen, sister! 😀


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