Miss Music Nerd Goes Green!

No, I haven’t bought a hybrid or installed solar panels… I’m a very conscientious recycler, though! 😉

What I mean to say is… Happy St. Patrick’s Day, music nerds!

McDoc and I both have plenty of Irish in our backgrounds (Scots-Irish, to be precise, hence his ‘Mc’!), so you can bet we were wearin’ green today. There wasn’t any green beer or extended revelry for us this evening, as good little doctors and good little music nerds have to get home at a decent hour on a school night. Which is a shame, since we do live in Boston!

I started thinking of examples of Irish music, and of course, there’s a much broader spectrum than what you might first think of. There are also too many famous standards to include in one post. Click Mr. Readmore for Miss Music Nerd’s random yet highly selective St. Paddy’s Day playlist! 😉

We’ll start with something relaxing. If I say, “Nocturne,” most music nerds would think, “Chopin,” but did you know that Irish composer John Field wrote nocturnes first? Here’s a lovely one:

He wasn’t Irish, but Beethoven wrote many arrangements of Irish folksongs early in his career. Here’s one:

You wanna rock? Very well then.

You don’t want to step on ’em, either! 🙂

You wanna rock harder? Your wish is my command!

Here’s one more to rock out to:

Some songs are truly ubiquitous — so much so that just about everyone you can think of has performed them. I don’t want to make anybody cry, so I’m gonna do this: 😛

Finally, here’s one that just makes me nostaligic (it comes from the last century, y’know! 😛 ):

Go easy on that green beer — it packs a punch! 😉


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