Let’s root … root, root for the home team!

I’ve heard that Detroiters are very passionate about their local teams. There’s the Tigers, the Lions, the Redwings, and various college teams. And now McDoc and I can proudly show our support for our favorite local team with our new T-shirts:



Let’s root … root, root for the home team! — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for supporting us! I have the green zip up hoodie witht the same logo and it is super comfy!

    Hopefully people will see you and your hubby wearing your shirts – and it will make them want to come on down!


  2. Welcome to the neighborhood. (You guys are close enough to Harper Woods, where the beloved wife and I are at) We missed you at the Glass Show. 😉 Make sure to get down to CityFest this weekend.

    Did you get the DSO t-shirt at the 8 Days in June Festival? I work part-time for the DSO and it was a blast. Be sure to attend Concert of Colors at Orchestra Hall next weekend; it’s a whole weekend of (free) world music, along with some name acts.

    Stay in touch. The reactions of newcomers to this area are always interesting. It’s a very unique place to live.
    Best, Glenn and Jeanne