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  1. The link to the video said it was a “malformed” URL or something like that, so I couldn’t watch it. =(

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  3. Hey! I always hate leaving comments on the most recent blog entry that I am not actually referring to, but I fear you might miss me if I posted further back. I stumbled upon your blog this afternoon and have since read through it and bookmarked it in my musicolblog folder along with the delights of dial m for musicol. and suchlike. I’m quite green to the world of academic music (just finished my first year of BMus musicology! yes for holidays!) But I feel significantly parallel to you because my beloved boy is pursuing medical studies also.

    If it’s not prying too much, I suppose I just want to know what a musical/medical relationship is like. I am worried that he, as the ‘successful & professional’ side of the deal, may lead to my becoming dissatisfied in the world of music. How does it work for you?

    looking forward to your next entry! x mabel

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