Extreme Sports, Classy Music!

Here’s a little something that landed in the MMN inbox today, and left me almost at a loss for words!

Extreme Ironing

You see, I was complaining to my Facebook friends yesterday about having been reduced to the tedious task of (gasp) ironing. It’s something I usually manage to avoid through very careful choice of fabrics and clever use of damp washcloths in the dryer. But then I had to go and buy a silk blouse, and my perfect record was spoiled!

But I’ve got nothing on the athletes in this video, who display an abundance of courage and skill (well, sorta), even if I can’t help thinking they have a little too much time on their hands! I must express admiration for the choice of music, though; I would expect an extreme sports video to harangue me with a variety of banal electric guitar busywork, but these guys* really classed it up (they are British, after all!), choosing the infamous Bach Toccata in D minor for organ, followed by “In the Hall of the Mountain King” from Peer Gynt, by Edward Grieg.

I’m all for using classical music in creative and funny ways, so I tip my nerd glasses to them! 🙂

*Caution: link goes to a page with autoplay video, of which MMN disapproves! 🙁


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