WMMN-TV Presents: Recital Video: the Technical Ones!

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While working out the order for this recital, I split the pieces from the 30 Days Project into two sets and alternated them with other selections, because I think it can get tedious to listen to a very long list of short pieces without at least a snack break or something. Hey, there’s an idea — I should serve milk and cookies at my next recital! Mmm, cookies… Oh, okay, and the audience can have some, too. 😉

I enjoy creating categories and putting things in them. These three pieces are what I call The Technical Ones; each one is built around a particular music-theoretical conceit. Other categories include The Pretty Ones and The Whimsical Ones. Actually, I like to think that any of the pieces could fit in any of the categories — it’s all just a matter of emphasis.

Herewith, I give you:


More to come… 🙂


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