Kicking off the Holiday Season!

My friend John just sent me a song from his band, the Pie Rats, to kick off the holiday season in rockin’ fashion. Click and enjoy!

Have a Very Ratty Xmas!

The Pie Rats are a San Francisco-based trio that plays energetic, punk-tinged rock. Lots of fun! Click here to hear more of their tunes.


Kicking off the Holiday Season! — 1 Comment

  1. Hey! Just cruised over from C&J. Nice place.

    Two music recommendations, or minor pimping if you will. You’re a classical music person, check out Zoe Keating, an “avante cellist” who used to perform with goth rock Rasputina.

    And then of course there’s us. 🙂

    As prog rockers, we’re always looking for classical musicians to work with. Now if we could just get the aforementioned Zoe to sign a release form for something of hers we’ve used, we’re set.