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  1. @ Michele — You betcha! I think you’re brave to have a practice cam! :)

  2. wow i’m impressed. i just have to say, kudos! :) ever thought of going into jazz? i thought i loved music before that, but after…. wow! i play clarinet and sax as well as piano, and I absolutely adore the variety! (lead alto at my h.s. jazz band! yeah!) just a thought for a fellow musician… :D

  3. Of course we want to support our nerdy music friends! Now I don’t know what kind of dinner you can get for 20 bucks these days, but we’re happy to contribute a little something to the cause! Enjoy!

  4. Hi Miss Music Nerd,
    I love your site and thank you talking about me – very nice things you’ve said.
    Here’s a link to a youtube that I recently did and I’m getting very good responses. All I want is for it go viral (you know, fame and fortune etc. ): “Here’s a lullaby in the form of a Bach Sarabande

  5. Hey there, loved stumbling across this site! I am a young aspiring copyist in Nashville, TN and love reading about other copyists. I’ll keep checking in!


    Leslie E. Thompson

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