Sandy Songs, baritone and piano, text by Daniel Neer, 2021 (20 min.)

A World in Which Such Beauty Exists, chamber orchestra, 2020 (14 min.)

Before Sensation Returns, speaking percussionist, 2019 (12 min.)

For Our Mothers, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, spoken word poet, poetry by Barbara Fant, 2019 (8 min.)

After You, flute, also saxophone, 2019 (10 min.)

When in Dreams I’m Thwarted, flute, cello, piano, 2018 (10 min.)

My Compass Still to Guide Me, flute quartet, 2017 (7 min.)

If Only to Begin, flute, alto saxophone, clarinet, bassoon, 2016 (7 min.)

Demon/Daemon, flute, 2016 (7 min.)

Four Eyes, Three Hands, Can’t Lose, toy piano 3 hands, 2016 (7 min.)

Wonder and Praise, SATB chorus, handbells and organ, 2012 (7 min.)

A Book of Hours, piano and narrators, 2011 (60 min.)

Release, flute and piano, 2010 (2 min.)

With the Angels (in memoriam Tyler Clementi), violin, 2010 (5 min.)

Concerto for Theremin and Chamber Orchestra, 2008 (8 min.)

The Thirty Days Project, varied ensembles, solo instruments, electronics, 2007 (50 min.)

Set Me As A Seal, tenor and piano, 2006 (2.5 min.)

To Piano Lessons, two toy pianists/vocalists, 2003 (4 min.)

Daredevil’s Daughter, orchestra, 2002 (7 min.)

Music Theater Pieces, 2002
All in Red or Red Pastorale, tenor and piano (5 min.)
Meditation, soprano, tenor and piano (7 min.)
Life Cycles, alto, baritone and piano (6 min.)
When Words Aren’t Enough, two sopranos, alto, tenor, baritone, piano (5 min.)
Gaveston’s Soliloquy, tenor and piano (5 min.)

stasis/resistance, piano solo and tape, 2001 (9 min.)

Waiting for Winter, toy piano 3 hands, 2000 (3 min.)

Now, A Wanderer, soprano solo, chorus and orchestra, 1999 (33 min.)

Three Pieces for Piano, 1998 (13 min.)

A Study in Scissors and Straitjackets, percussion solo, 1997 (7 min.)

Whirl, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion, piano, 1997 (17 min.)

Four Memoriales, viola and piano, 1996 (25 min.)

Ordinary Wishes, piano solo, 1996 (5 min.)

Soliloquy, cello solo, 1995 (3 min.)

In Cherry Blossom Time, flute, clarinet, string quartet, percussion, piano, 1995 (8 min.)

A Single Thread: Three Pieces for Tenor and Cello, 1994 (9 min.)

At Dark Night’s End, string quartet, 1994 (8.5 min.)

Interlude and Scherzo, violin and piano, 1993 (6 min.)

Anthem, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, string quartet, piano, 1992 (7 min.)