Music 221 & 222 Rhythm Listening Exercise

Each audio example below contains a rhythmic pattern that is one measure long, using some combination of quarter notes and eighth notes. Listen to each one and determine which measure of notated rhythm you are hearing: A, B, or C? You can email your answers or write them and bring them to class.

Rhythm ear training01
[audio:|titles=Example 1]

Rhythm ear training02
[audio:|titles=Example 2]

Rhythm ear training03
[audio:|titles=Example 3]

Rhythm ear training04
[audio:|titles=Example 4]

Rhythm ear training05
[audio:|titles=Example 5]

Rhythm ear training06
[audio:|titles=Example 6]

Rhythm ear training07
[audio:|titles=Example 7]

Rhythm ear training08
[audio:|titles=Example 8]

Rhythm ear training09
[audio:|titles=Example 9]

Rhythm ear training09
[audio:|titles=Example 10]

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