04/22/16 Modernism: The Importance of Technology

For Friday 4/24/15:
– Read Chapter 41
– Written Assignment (details below, & will be on Blackboard as well)
For Monday 4/27/15:
– Read Chapter 42

Concert Invitation Reminder:
“Berries ‘n’ Bells” Handbell choir performance
Friday, May 1, 7:30 pm
Mount Lebanon United Methodist Church
3319 W Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Admission is $8 and INCLUDES PIE!
RSVP to Prof. K. by Monday April 27

Written Assignment:
1. If your score on quiz 2 was less than 80%, please answer the following:
– What did you do to prepare for the quiz?
– Given that the final exam will have a similar format, how will you prepare for it?

2. Choose one of the following:
– Give an example of music that you didn’t like when you first heard it, but grew to like better over time. Why did you dislike it at first? How and why did your feelings change? What do you like about it now?
– Give an example of an artist or band you’re familiar with who changed their style at some point. Describe the change — what was their music like before the change, and what was it like after? How did their fans respond?

Theremin: An Early Electronic instrument that is played without physically touching it!
Theremin: How science fiction got its sound

Leon Theremin playing his own instrument

Day the Earth Stood Still Trailer

Pierre Schaeffer: Etude aux chemins de fer (1948)

György Ligeti: Poème Symphonique For 100 Metronomes

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