03/04/15 Order, Logic and Mozart’s Sunnier Side

For Friday: Read chapters 24 & 26.

Order and logic in music of the classical era:
Sonata-allegro form (textbook p. 153)
– Standard form for the first movement of a sonata, symphony, concerto, or chamber work.

Sonata Form AB within ABA

– Introduction (optional)
– First Theme, in tonic or home key
– Bridge: modulates to contrasting key
– Second Theme, in contrasting key

– Explores the themes from the exposition while cycling through different keys
– Begins in in contrasting key; eventually returns to home key

– First Theme, in tonic or home key
– Bridge: remains in home key
– Second Theme, in home key
– Coda

Example of Sonata-Allegro form: Mozart Piano Sonata in C
Movement 1: Allegro

Mozart – Serenade in G major, K. 525 ‘Eine kleine Nachtmusik’
Movement 1: Allegro

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