02/13/15 Musical Texture and Simplicity vs. Complexity

Reminder: two written assignments are on Blackboard now, due Monday by 11:59pm (substitute assignment for Monday, 02/09, and this week’s written assignment)

By Wednesday, 02/18:
Read Chapters 5 and 15

From the Music 101 mailbag:

RobP FB msg & reply

Unipiper FB msg & reply

What instrument category does the tambourine belong to?

Review of musical textures:

What musical texture(s) do you hear in this piece?

A pattern to watch for as we speed through music history: simplicity vs. complexity

One extreme of complexity:
From Wikipedia: “Spem in alium (Latin for “Hope in any other”) is a 40-part Renaissance motet by Thomas Tallis, composed in c. 1570 for eight choirs of five voices each, widely considered to be the greatest piece of English early music and one of the greatest choral works ever composed.”

Palestrina: Pope Marcellus Mass, Gloria

If time: preview/discussion of listening response assignment

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